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It is really that simple.  Anyone can find a mug or pen or cap, but every project should have an overall big picture end result. What does it all look like together?  Does it portray the right message, the right look, the right feeling.  At Graphics Cat we want to show we are testing the limits of creativity.  Ask what we've done for Tesla and Duracell. We treat everyone at the same caliber as a fortunate 50 company no matter how big or small you are.



Graphics Cat was established in 2008 by owner Michelle Valdes.  Her and the team, including aunt Maureen grew to a business family of 12 until the day she learned of her father's terminal cancer.  In 2017, her favorite former boss, Mike Pisenti from Workplace Emporium gave her a very timely call.  He was now at the Sourcing Group and offered her the best possible opportunity to spend time with her dad. She sold the company to The Sourcing Group and took the time to travel the world and check off dad's bucket list.  Mike has no idea the gift he gave her.  In 2019 her father took his wings and went home.  It took another two years before Michelle was able to start again.  Now, in 2022 Graphics Cat has resurrected as an LLC and happily making connections with old and new customers.

Graphics Cat is starting anew in 2022 and looking to expand the team with like minded professionals who care about giving the best to our customers.  If you want to expand your limits of creativity then contact us now.  We are looking forward to hearing from you and growing together in a new directions.


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