Six Promotional Product Industry Trends Marketers Need To Know

Mar 22

Pens, tote bags, T-shirts, wearables, branded tchotchkes… If you said swag or promo product a decade ago, these would be the types of things that would come to mind. Combining technology and ...

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Pawsome statistics on why promotional products work.

Mar 14

Just like how a cat's soft purr can evoke positive emotions in humans, promotional products have a similar effect on consumers. Here are some whisker-twitching statistics that demonstrate the paw-some...

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Why Promotional Products Are Important To Your Business

Feb 01

Promotional products are a popular and effective tool used by businesses and organizations to enhance brand recognition and reach new audiences. These products range from everyday items such as pens a...

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Graphics Cat Is Anew In 2022

Mar 23, 2022

MEOW MEOW! It's been four years since we announced the sale of Graphics Cat to The Sourcing Group. Our contract is up and we are back in business with our original familiar business name! We're BAA...

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